April Love

Year: 1958
Duration: 1h 37min
IMDb: 6.2
Genres: Musical, Drama, Comedy
Country: USA
Chicagoan Nick Conover received a suspended sentence for being caught joyriding in a stolen car, with his driver&#39s license suspended indefinitely. Nicky&#39s problems are seen as running around with the wrong crowd. Nicky&#39s sentence is predicated on him living at the run down Kentucky horse farm of his Aunt Henrietta and Uncle Jed Bruce, who he hasn&#39t seen since he was a child. The judge figured this more wholesome environment would get Nicky away from his bad influences. Henrietta wants to be a part of Nicky&#39s salvation, but Jed doesn&#39t trust the fact of a delinquent being under his roof, although he has other more personal reasons not having to do with Nicky for his initially antagonistic relationship with his nephew. Nicky doesn&#39t rebel against farm life, but ends up gravitating toward anything mechanical, especially the sports car owned by sophisticated Fran Templeton - the elder daughter of Dan Templeton, who owns the luxurious neighboring horse farm - and by association Fran ...